SELSE 2013 & TAU 2013

SELSE1_1 Furuta made an oral presentation. IMG_2862 Beers to offer in the banquet are very nice!!! IMG_2885_2 Stanford University is too beautiful to stay in the conference room. So, Mr. Dambo has walked around there for a while. IMG_2865_2   After SELSE, Onodera-sensei and I moved to TAU at Lake Taho because he was a panel at TAU. IMG_2906_1 We joined with Nishizawa and Mr. Matsumoto at TAU. After TAU, we moved to San Fransisco again and had a really^3 nice dinner at a Chinese restaurant!! IMG_2951_1 IMG_2953_1 IMG_2957_1 IMG_2961_1  ]]>